Connecting with Other Homeschool Families


One of our founding principles at Homeschool Connections was to provide an environment where homeschooling families felt included, welcomed, and connected with each other and the resources available to them. Over 20 years later, connecting and belonging are still some of our top priorities.
As we have continued to grow and expand, we are also seeking new ways to bring people together. We now have several campuses and we have been making efforts to provide more opportunities for parents and students to get to know one another, develop relationships, share helpful information, and encourage one another.

Michigan Homeschool Field Trips

As part of our commitment to helping homeschool families come together in fellowship, this year we will be planning at least one field trip a month. Past field trips included the Motown Museum, The Festival of Trees, and The Parade Company Tour. We’ll be announcing more as soon as they become available.
We hope that you and your family will attend these field trips and have many more exciting events coming up this year!

More Ways to Connect

We will continue to share information on our Facebook page and through email newsletters.  Be sure that you are subscribed to both so that you can learn about new opportunities and resources as soon as they are announced. In addition to these resources, you can join this Facebook Group we created as a helpful resource to anyone in Michigan who is homeschooling or thinking about homeschooling. You can also follow us on Pinterest and our blog where we share some great information to help in your homeschool journey.
We hope to see you at one of our field trips!

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