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Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Virginia Lane

Homeschool Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Virginia Lane

Written by Eva, Student Author

During the 2019 Winter Semester, Mrs. Lane taught nine classes at the Auburn Hills campus, Rochester Hills campus, and the Troy campus. Her classes include Engineering, Robots, Astronomy, Greek and Latin/reading skills, Clay Animation with Language Arts, Fun with Math and Games, US States, Microsoft Office, and Critical Thinking. She has also taught many subjects like History, Geography, Digital Movie and more.

Mrs. Lane graduated from Oakland University and completed The Orton-Gillingham Program and the Montessori Lower Level Certificate.

Her favorite bible verse is Psalm 23.

She says that the best thing about teaching is seeing the growth and development and she is grateful to be a part of it. The worst thing about teaching is asking herself on the way to school if she forgot anything!

A typical Saturday night for Mrs. Lane looks like spending time with her family and friends; she also attends her granddaughters’ dance competitions on the weekends and is proud to wear her “Proud Dance Nana” t-shirt!

If Mrs. Lane could give any wisdom to her students, it would be that goals in life take hard work. Nothing comes easy in life, so never give up!

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