Step 5

Register through Orbund

Step by step instructions for registering through Orbund

Registrations Steps

    If you have not already planned your student’s schedules, STOP and complete that step first! Please print this template to help you organize your selections correctly.

    Step 1

    Log in

    • Log in to your Orbund PARENT account using the username emailed to you and the password you set.
    • Be sure to select the role of Parent.
    Step 2

    Pay Registration Fee

    • On the left menu, select Finance, then Payment & Invoice to pay the registration fee.
    Step 3

    Select Students

    • Check the box next to (only) the students you plan to register, then press Enter Payment.
    • Extra registration fees will be removed once registration closes.
    Step 4

    Enter Credit Card

    • Enter your credit card information, then press Submit Payment.
    Step 5

    Class Enrollment

    • Once your registration fee has been paid, select Enrollment & Schedules from the left menu, then Class Enrollment.
    Step 6

    Select Student

    • Select the Student you wish to enroll, and be sure the correct semester is selected. Then press ‘Add by Dept’ to select the classes.
    Step 7

    Select Department & Campus

    • Using the class schedules or your schedule worksheet, select the Department and campus of the first class, then press Add. Continue the process until you have added all of the classes you want, then press Close.
      • Be sure to select the correct time and grade level)
      • If a class is full, you may enroll anyway to be put on the waitlist and will be automatically added if a spot opens up. Be sure to verify your child’s schedule before the class drop deadline to be sure you don’t have extra classes because of waitlist options.
    Step 8

    Select Classes

    • You will see a list of all the classes added in this box. (If you are using a tablet or mobile device, you will need to click inside this box to view the contents.) To save your selections, you must press Submit.
    • This screen below will appear.
    Step 9

    Review Class Schedule

    • Verify everything was selected accurately by checking each student’s schedule. Under the Enrollment & Schedules menu, select ‘Class Schedules’.
      • Sometimes parents accidentally double up a class hour or enroll in the wrong campus by mistake. Be sure to verify right away that all of your selections are correct.
    Step 10

    Review Student Schedule

    • View the accuracy of EACH student’s schedule. 
      • Using the List button on the top right offers the simplest way to view a schedule. 
      • Be sure to look for duplicate times on the same day! 
      • Don’t forget to add lunch or study halls to fill schedule gaps.
    Step 11

    Pay Tuition & Fees

    • Pay tuition & fees.
      • Under the Finance menu, select Payment & Invoice
    • The early payment discount ends at 5:00 pm, the Friday before the semester begins.
    • All fees and tuition not being covered by the school district must be paid in full by the end of the second week of classes.
    • Check the box next to the fee to pay the full amount, or enter the amount you wish to pay.
    • Enter your card information and submit your payment.

    Congratulations! Your student is fully registered! 
    You can verify schedules or balances anytime by logging into your account.

    By enrolling in our classes, you agree that you have read and will abide by our policies and deadlines.

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