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Tuition Options

You have options when it comes to Homeschool Connections’ class fees!

Option 1: Private Payment (Self-Pay)

Click on the following links to view our fees and deadlines.

No minimum of classes are required when self-paying for classes.

Closed to new enrollment for Winter 2022 Semester.

Option 2: Public School District

Available through Clarkston Community Schools (Renaissance Virtual)

Homeschool Connections has been approved as a virtual vendor for Clarkston Community Schools (CCS). You may have the option of enrolling in Clarkston Community School’s School of Choice Virtual School (Renaissance Virtual) if you live in Oakland County or any contiguous county. Please read their website for more information.

If you choose to enroll in Clarkston Community Schools, you must also finish the enrollment process for both their program and Homeschool Connections. Registering for one does not ensure your enrollment in the other.

How do I sign up for a public school district?

In addition to registering for our classes through Orbund, you must fill out an application to the public school program. In most cases, you will enroll as a “virtual student”, even though our classes meet in person because of the virtual components of our classes. We have been approved as a virtual vendor for Clarkston Community Schools.

Do I need to enroll my child in a minimum number of classes?

Only if you are participating in a public school for tuition. Otherwise, you are free to choose any number of classes!

If you’re part of a public school district, they require a minimum. At the time of this posting, public school programs require your child to be enrolled in 3 to 5 classes for part-time students and 6 classes for full-time students (at least one must be on-campus, the others may be dual enrollment).

Click here for a schedule template for help
Do I have to enroll in a public school in order to participate in Homeschool Connections classes?

Absolutely not! We want to provide families with as much information and as many options as possible! YOU choose what is best for your family!

Also, you are always welcome to pay for classes in addition to classes paid for by public schools.

What is required by the public schools for those opting into their program?

Each public school district has its own requirements. Districts must follow state guidelines and those are subject to change at any time. We can provide general information, but each district has the right to change their requirements. Requirements will be different for full-time and part-time students. Some districts may require state testing and/or Count Day participation. The type of student classifications (full or part-time) may dictate which classes your child may take.

You are always welcome to pay for classes in addition to classes paid for by public schools.

If I participate in the public school program, can I still self-pay for additional classes?

Yes, you are always welcome to sign up for additional classes.

What are the benefits of joining a public school program?

Public school districts will pay for qualifying* class fees. They will not pay registration, lunch, study hall or book fees. You will need to talk with a district funding representative if you have any questions.

If your child graduates while enrolled with a public school, they may also receive a high school diploma and transcript from the public school.

*Part-time students may receive funding for non-core classes only – each from a different department. Full-time students may receive funding for four core classes and two non-core classes – also each from a different department.

What does “part-time” mean (for students enrolled with CCS only)?

Part-time students participate in 3 to 5 elective classes (from different departments). All part-time students must participate in non-core classes. These are clearly indicated in our schedules. Please see your campus’ schedule for specific class choices.

Students may participate in only one class in each department category (for example, one technology class, one fine arts class). Part-time students are not required to take state-mandated tests.

What does “full-time” mean (for students enrolled with CCS only)?

Clarkston Community Schools (CCS) require “full-time” students to be enrolled in 4 core classes plus 2 non-core classes. Core classes must include science, math, language arts, and social studies. CCS also requires full-time students to take state-mandated testing once a year. CCS may have additional requirements to receive tuition payment. (If you have any questions or would like more details, please contact CCS directly. This information may change at any time.)

Which classes are considered core classes?

All core classes are indicated in the “Funding Classification” column within each class details.

How do I send my schedule to my public school?

If your students are enrolled with Clarkston Community Schools, you must turn a copy of your schedule into the school district. Log into Orbund with your parent login. In the left side menu, click “Reports & Transcripts”. Then choose “Semester Reports”. There you can choose which child’s and which semester’s schedule to view. We will email you a form to fill out with your child’s classes.

Our weekly newsletters will have the form link to submit your list of classes.

Who do I ask about dual-enrollment and how it works with the school district?

You must contact your public school district with your questions directly.

Do college classes count as core classes (for students enrolled with CCS for dual-enrollment)?

Please contact the school district for specific information.


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