Step 4

Choose Tuition Option

You have options when it comes to Homeschool Connections’ class tuition!

Option 1: Direct Payment (Self-Pay)

Families that opt to pay out of pocket for their students’ tuition and fees may take as few or as many classes as you wish. Always ensure you are selecting classes designated for your child’s grade level.

Option 2: Public School District

Families enrolled in Renaissance Virtual (Clarkston Community Schools) may take Homeschool Connections classes! Homeschool Connections is a curriculum provider for Renaissance Virtual. Families must follow Clarkston School’s yearly requirements to qualify and may enroll in additional classes at their own expense. Please read their website for more information.

If you choose to enroll in Clarkston Community Schools, you must also complete the enrollment process for both their program and Homeschool Connections. Registering for one does not ensure your enrollment in the other.

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