My Homeschooling Membership

Homeschooling isn’t meant to be done alone!

As a parent, you are your child’s greatest advocate and you care more than anyone else about your child’s future. In our current times, homeschooling seems to be a great option – but how?

Beginning homeschooling can feel like breaking into a new friend group.

How do I fit in?
Will they accept me?
Where do I even start?
I can’t find anyone else to back me up on this venture.

Everyone homeschools differently – and that’s ok!

Imagine a community where you can ask questions without fear of judgment for your type of homeschooling.

We are inviting you to the My Homeschooling Membership, where you can…

Ask questions
Get real answers
Be encouraged
Develop parent friendships

We’re bringing a new online community to the table. One filled with down-to-earth, keeping it real parents and you belong in it!

Here’s what you’ll find inside…


Connection with like-minded homeschool parents and grandparents 


Training and lesson plans for parents to excel in teaching your children and teens


Sanity-saving conversations full of encouragement and wisdom for your homeschooling journey
Listen in on conversations…
  • About why parents love homeschooling
  • What homeschooling can look like
  • What homeschoolers can do after college, and more!

This membership benefits…

Parents on the fence

Parents who’ve been on the fence about homeschooling, who have questions,  and who want to research their options

Parents who recently started

Parents who began homeschooling during the pandemic and see the value in keeping it going but want connection and encouragement 

Veteran homeschoolers

Veteran homeschoolers who are looking to share their knowledge and experience

We believe your learning passions, homeschooling curiosities, freedom cravings, and desires for your family are not random. They are linked to your calling as a homeschool parent and vital to your purpose. Be in pursuit of these things, love your family fiercely, and dig deeper into what your homeschooling journey could look like.

To help you with these ideas and more, we created the My Homeschooling Membership.

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