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We proudly serve the homeschool community in Southeast Michigan by offering high-quality classes, services, support, and a place to belong for K-12 students.

Moms’ Meet-Up

Experience sanity-saving conversation and encouragement on February 13.

Winter Classes have begun

How to Enroll in Our Classes

First Step: Attend an orientation! Click here for dates.

How We Can Help

Our team provides support on your homeschooling journey.

Each campus meets one day a week to complement your homeschooling journey! Our classes are taught by highly qualified instructors that bring enthusiasm and experience to their lessons. From history to art to science, math, writing, literature, robotics and even P.E., you’re sure to find a class that will delight and engage your child.

Create a Vision for Educating Your Child

Learn about our program’s heart & mission, how to join, and expectations.

Develop an Educational Road Map

Plan your child’s class schedule from our wide list of options.

Implement Your Plan

Register for classes & pay fees.

Continue With Support, Encouragement, and Education


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